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What did I just sign up for!?

Welcome to week 1 of my journey with Majo Molfino's IGNITE! This is an 8 week program that I have really been looking forward to starting. YAY!!

I am starting this self-exploration journey to allow myself to BE. I am a creator. I no longer wish to hold back on expressing my ideas or worry too much about getting things "perfect" before taking any action. I spend a lot of time thinking and hardly any time doing.

I mean - I do work hard, I'm structured and organized when I make commitments to my clients.

However, when it comes to "me" - everything stays on stand by. Everything sits on the back of my mind, and I day dream - and then move on with my day.

I let myself get busy with work and take on a lot more than I can realistically manage ("oh, hi client, you need something by tomorrow that is unrelated to what I normally help you with? Ok, I'll pull an all nighter for you 'cause I can't say no").

As I type this - I am thinking that I use this as an excuse to to never have time to focus on the things I truly want to explore.

So - here it goes.

I am committing to saying NO to anything that is not aligned with my journey for the next 8 weeks. I will structure my days to get my work done and out of they way, my personal development and Ignite will be prioritized over any other projects that I'm sure I'll have the itch to take on (ah, this one is going to be hard). I am going to give myself the opportunity to immerse myself in this process. My top priorities over the next 8 weeks are:

  1. Self-care: reclaiming my morning routine, nourishing my body with whole foods, daily exercise - especially stepping outside at least twice a day for some SUN!

  2. Work: maintaining my accounting/consulting business so I can still eat lol

  3. Creativity/Development: IGNITE! I must also add in acting classes as these have really helped me learn a lot about myself over the past year.

Ok, so my time is up - and a bit after the timer dinged, I did a quick review for typos - I did tell myself to just type away and spill it all! I'm surprised I had quite a bit to say.

I just signed up for an exciting journey, and a scary one - because I am officially telling you that I am committed to this. I hope I don't let you down.


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