Your Financial Blueprint: Our Process Explained

The SAAVI Solutions Way

With Saavi Solutions by your side, you can expect more than just financial management. We are committed to building enduring partnerships, offering personalized support, and helping you navigate the ever-evolving business landscape.

Together, we will build beyond the bottom line, creating a legacy of success that extends far beyond financial achievements.

Unveiling our method behind your financial success

At Saavi Solutions, we pride ourselves on a comprehensive and collaborative approach to financial management. We follow a systematic process that begins with understanding your unique business needs, creating personalized strategies, implementing them effectively, and providing consistent support.

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Step 1: Book a call

Book a call & make sure to check your email after scheduling the call to complete the intake form.

Step 2: Discovery Call

Review Business Operations during our Consultation.

Our entire relationship will be based on trust, so before we take on any clients we start things off with a quick chat. This gives us a chance to get to know each other and really understand your needs and goals.

It’s important that we have honest conversations so we know we are a good fit.

Step 3: Make It Official

Sign Contract & Pay Deposit.

If we decide we want to work together, I’ll send you a proposal and service agreement for your review. Once you’ve signed and paid we can rock & roll.


Step 4: Onboarding

During onboarding, you’ll get our client handbook and onboarding tasks so we can get all the data we need and ensure our relationship is set up for success.

Step 5: & Kick Off

This is when we get all your systems connected, get access to the platforms we need, and make sure your payment processors are all set up.

Step 6: Bookkeeping Handled

Every month you’ll get all your business accounts recorded & reconciled in your accounting software.

You’ll receive easy-to-understand breakdowns of your financials so you can pivot or invest where you need to.

Experience the Saavi Solutions difference

Uncover the health of your Financial Records

Actionable recommendations based on Expert Analysis

Personalized discussion for Cost Savings Opportunities

Optimized Bookkeeping Guidance for Peace of Mind